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Outlaw sausages

Outlaw sausages

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Pork is cleaned, washed and finely chopped with the sausage, then mixed with chopped bacon, spices and stuffed sheep intestines.

Hang in a dry place with a stream of air to dry.

After drying, smoke for 5-7 days.

Cool only on the grill or on a charcoal grill.

Source: Cookbook / author Nicolae Olexiuc.

Chop the meat and mix with the garlic paste and the rest of the ingredients to taste.

Let the composition cool for a while then form the sausages.

It is attached to the form shredder, we roll the mats cleaned and washed well and we start to fill them.

Tie it at the end with string or make a knot, let it dry for a while, then fry it or put it in the freezer.

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Traditional dishes

Caltabosii are traditional Romanian dishes, which contain minced pork organs.

Outlaw sausages

Outlaw sausages must be found on the traditional Romanian holiday table, along with other dishes.

Pork meatballs

Pork meatball is one of the most appreciated dishes during Christmas, specific to the kitchen.

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Homemade smoked sausage ingredients:

Preparation of composition for smoked homemade sausages

Chop all the meat, whether you only use pork or pork and beef in the mixture, through the mincer. It is quite important to use a shredder with larger holes. Number 10 we used. We proceed in this way to obtain some sausages with a beautiful granular appearance. We are not looking to get a meat paste. We need a mixture in which we can distinguish the pieces of meat, bacon, darker beef, etc.

The meat is weighed. Put the minced meat in an even thick layer, in a bowl. In recent years, it has become plastic. Grandparents had a long wooden shovel that they used especially for this purpose. Sprinkle the meat with the spices (finely crushed garlic, pepper, paprika in the desired proportion, etc.). Weigh the salt and pepper, adjusting the amount of your taste. I never use more than 18 grams of salt / kilogram of meat. There are people who prefer 25 grams of salt / kg or even more. Also, I always use 10 grams of pepper / kilogram of meat, for some it seems too much.

During mixing, add ½ of a liter of lukewarm water (as for bread, the water should be about 30 degrees). Optionally, the chopped garlic can be put in this water, filtering over the sausage meat. We are not so fond of it and we don't even feel the garlic cloves in sausages, especially if we crush it well.

Mixing the sausages

Knead all the ingredients carefully. Add water, until the composition is well blended. If necessary, add up to a maximum of ½ more liters of lukewarm water (to be a maximum of 1 liter of water in total), to obtain a more easily moldable composition. If you mix the composition of sausages mechanically, do not knead manually, the added water can be as cold as possible. It is useful to keep the water a little warm, especially if the sausages are prepared in winter, in an unheated room, as we do sausages in the village, when cutting the pork.

After the sausage meat is homogeneously mixed, take an amount of it and form a meatball. The meatball, if the meat has been mixed well, must be held together well. Fry quickly in the pan, leave to cool and taste. If, after tasting, there seems to be room for pepper and salt, it is added now, blending perfectly with the rest of the composition.

Stuffed smoked homemade sausages

Fill the well-washed pork cheeks (or the purchased ones, salted in lukewarm water), with the help of a special spray (image on the left). During filling, prick the mats with the tip of a needle as they are filled, to remove air gaps and to prevent the sausages from cracking. Be careful, we don't fill them too much, but they don't have to be empty either.

Pairs of sausages are formed. The sausages were strung on wooden poles and blown into the air. For this, choose a well ventilated and cool place, away from the action of insects and other potential "predators". Such as, for example, the house cat: P. An unheated and shaded room, with small windows in which the resistant and dense mesh was mounted, is the ideal place.

Smoking and storage

After the sausages are well steamed (ie the membrane is not wet at all) they can be smoked. Sausages can be kept fresh in the freezer. We really like fresh sausages and often use them in different recipes. For example, the recipe for sauerkraut with homemade sausages, a delight!

We smoke these sausages with cold hard smoke (beech, cherry). One or two fumes can be given according to the taste preferences (and tolerance towards smoked products). For me, having a more sensitive collector, one smoke is enough. After smoking, our smoked homemade sausages are left to air to dry as much as you like. Ours looks something like this:

The sausages can be cut into fine and good-looking slices:

These homemade sausages can be kept hanging in a cool place, on rods (in the pantry, for example). It must be borne in mind, however, that they will dry out the more they are left in the air. Because it suits me how dry they are at the moment, I wrapped each pair, separately, in parchment paper and put them in the freezer. It keeps perfectly.

Homemade sausages. Simple recipe

Homemade sausage simple recipe. Pork sausages or mixed with beef, tasty, flavorful and very easy to prepare, with ingredients available to all.

Every year before Christmas we prepare the best homemade sausages.

It is a simple recipe, not at all pretentious, to which I have nothing to change. The sausages are tasty, without too much fat, as spicy and very fragrant as they should be.

It is my husband's favorite recipe, he says they are identical to the ones his grandfather used to make.

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Sausages with sweet cabbage

Although I, one, prefer baked sauerkraut (like sour cabbage with smoked, presented more than a year ago), at the request of the & # 8220public & # 8221 I also prepare, from time to time, quality sweet cabbage . That is, & # 8220perpelita & # 8221 on the stove, on top, as you cook an onion, for example. Cabbage prepared in this way can be served plain, as a garnish for a steak. But if you want to give it more & # 8220weight & # 8221, you can add, like me, some fried sausages. I used some Oltenian sausages, but choose what you like best (possibly homemade sausages). Simple and very tasty!

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