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Table 4 Writers Announces This Year’s Writing Award Winners

 Table 4 Writers Announces This Year’s Writing Award Winners

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Table 4 Writers Announces This Year’s Writing Award Winners

Elaine's Restaurant was a New York landmark, and now it's no more. But the Table 4 Writers gala carries on in her memory.

If you’re a native New Yorker, you remember Elaine’s. The famed Upper East Side restaurant visited by most A-list celebrities over the years closed three years ago after owner Elaine Kaufman’s death, but her legacy lives on with the Table 4 Writers Foundation which is holding its second annual gala to honor five winners of its writing contest, as well as the authors whose book covers decorated the walls of the original restaurant. The contest is a nod to Elaine’s practice of giving advice to struggling writers from her perch at the famed Table 4.

This year’s authors being honored include the mother/daughter writing duo Mary and Carol Higgins Clark, and Stuart Woods, who always started his novels with the same two words: “Elaine’s, late.” This year’s winners of the writing contest will receive $2,500 grants, and come from all over the nation, from California to New York.

“It’s great that writers from all over are entering our contest,” Jenine Lepera Izzi, the foundation’s chair said. “After all, Elaine’s was known around the world, and it always attracted creative people.”

The 2013 winners are “Bound” by Karen Yin, “Gotham, Mexico” by Danny Thiemann, “Kim of Noho” by Kurt Pitzer, “The Parkside” by Jennie Yabroff, and “Rent Control” by Matthew Perron.

Joanna Fantozzi is a reporter with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi

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