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The Big Al from Red's Eats

The Big Al from Red's Eats

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A creation of Al "Red" Gagnon, the Big Al is one of the most popular items on the Red's Eats menu.


This recipe was adapted from Red's Eats: World's Best Lobster Shack by Debbie Gagnon Cronk and Virginia Wright (Down East 2010).


  • 3 slices ham
  • 4 strips bacon
  • One 5-inch jumbo sesame seed bun, brushed with melted butter
  • Mayonnaise, for serving
  • 1 deep-fried boneless chicken breast
  • 1 leaf lettuce, for serving
  • 1 slice tomato, for serving


Calories Per Serving1036

Folate equivalent (total)85µg21%

Riboflavin (B2)0.5mg28.3%

David's Daily Dish: Royal Red shrimp are the best shrimp you may have never heard of (with recipe)

We look forward with great anticipation to the first week in June when the brown shrimp return to Alabama’s waters and later, in the fall, we can’t wait for the arrival of their white counterparts. Along the way we can nibble on tiger shrimp, pink shrimp and a host of other less-popular versions of this tasty treat.

But there is another type of shrimp on the market, a type that is very popular in Coastal Alabama and very few other places else in the world. They are called Royal Reds and they are good enough to befit that regal moniker.

(On Nov. 2, 2013 Royal Reds will be the subject of a special gala on Dauphin Island titled the "Red, White and Brown Ball." They will be feted, along with white shrimp and brown shrimp, at a gala night of food, fun and frolic.)

Scientists admit that they don’t know a great deal about these Royal Reds. They do know that they are found in the very deep waters about a hundred miles due south of Orange beach.

Not a great deal is known about the Royal Red shrimp that are found in the deep water 120 to 130 miles due south of Orange Beach. So little is known about them that those folks who study such things aren’t even sure where else in the world, if anywhere, you can find these glorious creatures.

Their range in the Gulf may extend to Texas, but they aren’t even sure about that.

They were discovered, by all things, by the federal government about 30 years ago during some sort of scientific exploration or other. They were dragging nets in deep water looking for goodness knows what when they hauled up a load of these red shrimp.

Soon after a band of hearty shrimpers started harvesting them and a hungry public quickly discovered a new and very tasty member of the shrimp family. Still, the cost of getting to them and bringing them to the boat limits the number of shrimpers who will make the trek to get them.

They look like shrimp, but with a slightly different shape. The heads are noticeably larger and that means you get less meat but not much less. And folks in the shrimp business tell me that they don’t travel well, which means if you don’t live near the coast you may not have ever heard of them.

What, you ask, do they taste like? Easy answer is shrimp, but that would be selling them short. They are, to me, silky and rich with a consistency not unlike lobster.

You can substitute them in any recipe that calls for shrimp, but I think that they are best served with a minimal treatment. Steam them, very quickly and serve with a bit of clarified butter for a meal that is hard to beat.

If you do come across them I encourage you to try them. Here is a nice, easy way to steam them. You will, however, need an apparatus that will allow you to steam them.

Seasoned Royal Red cooks tell me that the worst thing you can do to them is to cook them too long. Overcooking, as with any shrimp, will harden the shells and peeling them will be difficult. The flavor will be unaffected but they will be tough to peel.

1-2 pounds Royal Red Shrimp with shell

Clarified butter (recipe follows)

In a large pot bring the water to a rolling boil. Place shrimp in steamer basket and place in the steamer basket that you've placed on top of the pot. Season shrimp liberally with the Old Bay and cover.

Cook for several minutes until the shrimp turn bright red and are firm to the touch.

Remove from heat and serve with drawn butter.

Note: Drawn butter, also known as clarified butter, is nothing more than butter that has been heated and the milk solids and water removed. It makes for a prettier presentation.

To clarify butter, slowly heat butter in a small sauce pan. After it is heated, skim off the foam on top. Pour or skim the golden butter from the milk solids that settle in the bottom of the pan.

Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

What are chile rellenos?

Chile rellenos (or ‘stuffed peppers‘ in English) are a traditional Mexican dish made from roasted poblano peppers stuffed with cheese, then coated in a fluffy egg batter and fried until golden brown.

They’re sometimes served with a simple red or green salsa, or even wrapped in a tortilla with refried beans to make chile relleno burritos.

The most requested recipes from Birmingham restaurants past and present

Birmingham native Martie Duncan -- a cook and entrepreneur who was runner-up on Season 8 of “Food Network Star’’-- has just released her latest cookbook of hometown favorites, “Magic City Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Birmingham Restaurants Then & Now.” It is the follow-up to her 2014 cookbook, “Birmingham’s Best Bites,” which, like the new one, Duncan co-wrote with former Birmingham News reporter Chanda Temple.

The 236-page book includes photographs, memories and recipes from many of the Magic City's most beloved restaurants past and present, including "gone but not forgotten" dining gems (Joy Young Restaurant, Cobb Lane Restaurant and Ireland's), timeless classics (The Bright Star, Niki's West and Highlands Bar and Grill) and trend-setting newcomers (Post Office Pies, Saw's Soul Kitchen and Bamboo on 2 nd ).

You’ll have to buy the book to get the recipes, but continue reading here to get a taste of some of the stories you’ll find in “Magic City Cravings.” Historical facts and anecdotes about the restaurants and recipes featured in this story are from Duncan and Temple’s book, as well as from the archives of The Birmingham News.

The most requested recipes from Alabama restaurants past and present

Birmingham native and cookbook author Martie Duncan has just released her latest cookbook, "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Alabama Restaurant Recipes Past & Present," a follow-up to her 2017 book, "Magic City Cravings."

The new book includes photographs, memories and recipes from many of Alabama's most celebrated and beloved restaurants.

You'll have to buy the book to get the recipes, but please continue reading here to get a taste of some of the stories you'll find in "Alabama Cravings." Historical facts and anecdotes about the restaurants and recipes featured in this story are from Duncan's book, as well as from the archives of

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Acre, Auburn: Chicken-Fried Bacon with Sawmill Gravy

David Bancroft, a three-time James Beard Foundation Award semifinalist for best chef in the South and a winner on the Food Network's "Iron Chef Showdown," offers a modern spin on classic Southern recipes at his Auburn restaurant Acre. One of Bancroft's signature dishes is this chicken-fried bacon with sawmill gravy, which is every bit as delicious as it sounds.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Baumhower's Victory Grille, Mobile and other locations: Bam Bam Gulf Shrimp

Bob Baumhower was a football star in college at the University of Alabama, where he played under the legendary Paul "Bear" Bryant, and in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins, where he was coached by another legend, Don Shula. These days, though, Baumhower is perhaps better known as the restaurateur behind Baumhower's Victory Grille, which has several locations throughout the state. One of the most popular appetizers on the Baumhower's menu is the Bam Bam Gulf Shrimp.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Belle Chevre Cheese Shop and Tasting Room, Elkmont: Goat Cheese Fondue

Artisan cheesemaker Tasia Malakasis and her Belle Chevre goat cheese have been touted in magazines from Southern Living to Garden & Gun, and one of Malakasis' most requested recipes is this one for her goat cheese fondue, which goes great with sliced apples, summer sausage and fresh bread.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

SpringHouse, Alexander City: Pimento Cheese

SpringHouse executive chef Rob McDaniel is a five-time James Beard Foundation Award semifinalist for best chef in the South, and his farm-to-table restaurant features seasonally inspired dishes, such as the restaurants famous Mr. Jim's Vegetable Plate, named in honor of longtime cook, James Black. Before the main course, enjoy a serving of McDaniel's house-made pimento cheese, with freshly grated white cheddar cheese and roasted red peppers.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

The Hound, Auburn: Heirloom Tomato Pie

With executive chef Robbie Nicolaisen at the helm, Auburn's The Hound is yet another great food find in a college town that's teeming with great restaurants. One of the favorite dishes on Nicolaisen's elevated Southern comfort food menu is the heirloom tomato pie, which features a deliciously flaky crust that's made in house.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Ezell's Fish Camp, Lavaca: Hush Puppies

Commercial fisherman Charles Agnew Ezell Jr. opened Ezell's Fish Camp in a dogtrot cabin on the banks of the Tombigbee River in 1954, and more than 60 years later, Mary Ann Ezell Hall and her son, Agnew Hall, carry on the family tradition. The little cabin has expanded over the years, as folks near and far flock to the small town of Lavaca in Choctaw County for some of Ezell's fried catfish and hush puppies -- as well as those relaxing views of the river from the back porch.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Irondale Cafe, Irondale: Fried Green Tomatoes

The Irondale Cafe has been around nearly 90 years, but Alabama author Fannie Flagg put the venerable meat-and-three restaurant, and its iconic dish, on the map with her 1987 novel "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe." In 1991, her book was adapted into the Academy Award-nominated movie "Fried Green Tomatoes," prompting tourists from around the country to seek out the little cafe that inspired both the book and the film. Jim Dolan, the Irondale Cafe's current owner, says he serves between 600 and 800 slices of green tomatoes a day.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

John's City Diner, Birmingham: Not Your Mama's Macaroni and Cheese

The original John's Restaurant opened in downtown Birmingham in 1944, and nearly three-quarters of a century later, husband and wife Shannon and Shana Gober are keeping the John's name alive with their John's City Diner, which offers a fresh take on familiar dishes. Their signature Not Your Mama's Macaroni and Cheese is a heavenly blend of penne pasta, thinly sliced prosciutto and three cheeses.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

The Waysider, Tuscaloosa: Biscuit Gravy

A Tuscaloosa institution, The Waysider was a favorite of beloved Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, who had a regular seat near the door and was a big fan of the restaurant's country ham. No "Breakfast of Champions" is complete, though, without The Waysider's buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Buzzcatz Coffee & Sweets, Orange Beach: Pimento Cheese Biscuits

Just last year, biscuit maker and pastry chef Kim Asbury partnered with Brian and Jodi Harsany to open their Orange Beach bakery Buzzcatz Coffee & Sweets, and soon thereafter, she was named the winner of the 2017 International Biscuit Festival. The bakery features cupcakes and croissants, but don't leave without trying one (or two) of Asbury's pimento cheese biscuits.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Highlands Bar and Grill, Birmingham: Tomato Salad with Cucumbers, Basil and Lady Pea Vinaigrette

Inspired by the culinary masters from France but deeply rooted in chef-and-owner Frank Stitt's native Alabama, Highlands Bar and Grill has set the standard for fine-dining restaurants across the South since Stitt opened his restaurant in 1982. This year, Highlands was recognized by the James Beard Foundation as the Most Outstanding Restaurant in America. The baked grits are a staple of the Highlands menu, but a seasonal favorite is the tomato salad with cucumbers, basil and lady pea vinaigrette.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Brick & Tin, Birmingham: Butternut Squash Soup

Brick & Tin executive chef and owner Mauricio Papapietro cut his culinary teeth working alongside Birmingham uber-chefs Frank Stitt and Chris Hastings. The menus at both the downtown Birmingham and the Mountain Brook locations of Brick & Tin feature artisanal sandwiches served on breads that are baked in-house, as well as seasonal and locally sourced salads and soups, such as this tasty butternut squash soup.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Curry's on Johnston Street, Decatur: Southern BLT

Curry's on Johnston Street is a gourmet deli located in Decatur's old Cotaco Opera House, a building that dates to the 1890s. Owner Meg Curry serves soups, salads and scratch-made sandwiches, such as the scrumptious Southern BLT, which is loaded with thick slices of bacon, crispy fried green tomatoes and shredded lettuce served on grilled, herb-buttered bread.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Homewood Gourmet, Homewood: Baby Blue Salad

Birmingham chef Franklin Biggs, who opened what was then known as Franklin's Homewood Gourmet in 1997, made the Baby Blue Salad his signature dish, and when he sold his restaurant in 2010, Biggs passed the recipe along to current Homewood Gourmet owners Chris and Laura Zapalowski, who relocated to the Magic City from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. The salad is a colorful and delicious blend of sliced strawberries, orange wedges, sweet-and-spicy pecans and blue cheese crumbles served on a bed of mixed greens and drizzled with a house-made honey-mustard balsamic vinaigrette.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

LuLu's, Gulf Shores: LuLu's L.A. (Lower Alabama) Caviar

Restaurateur and cookbook author Lucy Buffett -- more affectionately known as "LuLu" -- is the younger sister of singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, and while her older brother is right at home on a concert stage, LuLu is just as comfortable in the kitchen. Her sprawling LuLu's restaurant and entertainment complex has become a destination for Gulf Shores vacationers. One of her specialties is LuLu's L.A. (Lower Alabama) Caviar, a salsa-like dip made with black-eyed peas, bell peppers, red onions and cherry tomatoes. It goes great with tortilla chips or saltine crackers.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Post Office Pies, Birmingham: Brussels and Kale Salad

Most folks go to this rustic pizzeria in the old Avondale post office craving one of Birmingham chef John Hall's wood-fired pizzas, but they often leave raving about his seasonal salads. By far the most popular of those is the Brussels and Kale Salad, which is mixed with chopped bacon, crushed red pepper and mint and cilantro leaves, and then tossed in a red wine vinaigrette.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Southwood Kitchen, Daphne: Pork Belly and Watermelon Salad

Chef Jeremiah Matthews' Southwood Kitchen in Daphne is a fine-dining destination disguised as a casual neighborhood restaurant and bar, and the innovative menu draws from nearby farmlands, oyster beds and the Gulf of Mexico. One of the favorites on the menu is this pork belly and watermelon salad with a honey-mustard vinaigrette.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

The Trellis Room at the Battle House Hotel, Mobile: Seared Diver Scallops

The Trellis Room is located in Mobile's stately, 110-year-old Battle House Hotel and is the the only AAA 4-Diamond restaurant in the Port City. The seared diver scallops with wild mushroom risotto, sauteed spinach and white truffle oil is perhaps the restaurant's most popular dish, as well as the most requested recipe.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Huggin' Molly's, Abbeville: Mr. Tony's Spaghetti Sauce with Meat

Jimmy Rane, also known as the "Yella Fella" in those Great Southern Wood TV commercials, grew up in Abbeville, and he has restored his hometown to look much the way it did when he was a kid. Rane's real-life Mayberry includes Huggin' Molly's, a diner and ice-cream shop that is named after a local folk heroine who, according to legend, hid in the shadows before jumping out to hug her unsuspecting victims. One of the signature dishes at Huggin' Molly's is Mr. Tony's Spaghetti, which is made from a recipe passed down by Rane's father, the late Anthony J. Rane.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Central, Montgomery: Cedar Plank Salmon

Located in a 120-year-old former warehouse with exposed brick, 16-foot ceilings and gas lanterns, the aptly named Central is right in the middle of Montgomery's downtown restaurant and entertainment district. One of the highlights of Central's modern Southern menu is this cedar plank salmon with heirloom tomatoes and basil pesto.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Hildegard's German Cuisine, Huntsville: Chicken Schnitzel

Not long after moving to the Rocket City, Amy Miller became the proprietor of what has long been considered to be Huntsville's most authentic German restaurant, the Original Hildegard's German Cuisine. But with her German heritage and her background in the hospitality industry, Miller is right at home at Hildegard's. In addition to Reuben sandwiches, potato pancakes and German chocolate cake, one of the favorite dishes at Hildegard's is the hand-breaded chicken schnitzel.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Bistro V, Vestavia Hills: Seared Gulf Snapper

A native of Bayou La Batre, Jeremy Downey was a member of coach Gene Stallings' 1992 national championship football team at the University of Alabama before he embarked on a career as a chef and restaurateur. Downey opened Bistro V in the former City Hall Diner location in Vestavia Hills in 2010, and this year, he was the winner of the Alabama Seafood Cook-Off. In addition to shrimp and grits, crab cakes and oyster po' boys, one of the most popular dishes on the Bistro V menu is the seared Gulf snapper.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Saw's Soul Kitchen, Birmingham: Pork 'n Greens

The perfect mash-up of barbecue and soul food, the Pork 'n Greens has been the signature dish at Saw's Soul Kitchen since co-owners Mike Wilson and Brandon Cain opened their Avondale barbecue joint in 2012. It features most of the essential Southern foods in one serving -- pulled pork barbecue and braised turnip greens piled onto a huge helping of cheese grits and topped with fried onion straws.

More about Saw's Soul Kitchen: Barbecue and soul food in Avondale

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Classic on Noble, Anniston: Classic Shrimp and Grits

The husband-and-wife culinary te,am of David and Cathy Mashburn ran a successful, part-time catering business called Classic Catering before they went all in and opened their Classic On Noble restaurant in downtown Anniston's historic, 124-year-old Levy and Clark building. The dinner menu features jumbo lump Maryland crab cakes and grilled Alaskan salmon, but the Classic Shrimp and Grits, which is one of the "100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die," is the restaurant's signature dish.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Ocean, Birmingham: Lobster Pot Pie

Birmingham chef George Reis opened his appropriately named Ocean seafood restaurant in the Magic City's Five Points South neighborhood in 2002, and in 2015, Reis won the inaugural Alabama Seafood Cook-Off. While the Ocean menu features just about every dish under the sea, the lobster pot pie, which s featured on the Alabama Tourism Department's list of "100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die," is a favorite with the restaurant's regulars.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Ricatoni's, Florence: Grilled Chicken Alfredo

Rick Elliott, also known as Ricatoni Valentino from his TV commercials, opened Ricatoni's on North Court Street in downtown Florence in 1996. The restaurant is revered in these parts for its hand-made pizzas and hearty pasta dishes, as well as its chicken marsala and veal parmesan. Another favorite is the grilled chicken Alfredo with sauteed mushrooms.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Dyron's Lowcountry, Mountain Brook: Cast-Iron Skillet Fried Chicken

At Dyron's Lowcountry in Mountain Brook's Crestline Village, chef Randall Baldwin has built a solid following by serving such coastal favorites as shrimp and grits, baked oysters and seafood gumbo, but a favorite among regular guests is the cast-iron skillet fried chicken, which tastes almost as good as your grandmother used to make.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Bright Star, Bessemer: Greek-Style Beef Tenderloin

Open since 1907, Bessemer's Bright Star is "Alabama's Oldest Restaurant," according to the state tourism bureau, and in 2010, it was recognized as an America's Classic by the James Beard Foundation. Brothers Jimmy and Nicky Koikos -- along with their cousin, Bright Star general manager Andreas Anastassakis -- carry on a tradition that has been in the Koikos-Bonduris family since Greek immigrant Tom Bonduris opened the restaurant 111 years ago. The Bright Star's Greek-Style Beef Tenderloin, which has been named the best steak in the state by the Alabama Cattleman's Association, has been a menu favorite since the 1970s.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Below the Radar Brewing Company, Huntsville: Lamb Lollipops

The made-from-scratch menu at Below the Radar Brewing Company in Huntsville is a cut above the usual pub grub. In addition to such hearty lunch specials as chicken-fried steak and shepherd's pie, one of the most popular dishes is the lamb lollipops with permesan polenta, wilted garlic spinach and bacon jam.

Photo from "Alabama Cravings: The Most Requested Recipes from Alabama Restaurants Past & Present"

Fisher's at Orange Beach Marina, Orange Beach: Fisher's Pork Cheeks

New Orleans native Bill Briand, a three-time James Beard Award semifinalist for best chef in the South, honors both his Louisiana roots and his new Lower Alabama digs at this casual but upscale Orange Beach restaurant, a favorite of both locals and tourists. (Actually, Fisher's is two restaurants in one space -- the more laid-back Fisher's Dockside down below and the more elegant Fisher's Upstairs up top.) The Fisher's menu features an abundant selection of fresh Gulf seafood, of course, but one of the most popular dishes among beach bums and landlubbers alike is the braised pork cheeks, a tip of the hat to Briand's days working in the Big Easy for chef Donald Link.

Read more about Fisher's at Orange Beach Marina: The best thing I ate last week.

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90+ Best Slow Cooker Recipes to Warm You Body and Soul

There's nothing like having a fully cooked meal waiting for you at dinnertime.

Over the years, the slow cooker has become a kitchen staple&mdashand for good reason. By doing a little prep early, you can let a meal cook all the way through (without overcooking) and it's ready to eat as soon as you are. For those of us with busy weeknights, or who don't want to finish work and then figure out dinner, it's an absolute boon . And because the ingredients have had hours to cook together, it's almost always flavorful. And if you already have an Instant Pot, then you can slow-cook right in it! (Though it helps if you have the right lid, so that the food doesn't end up overly waterlogged.) To help you make dinner as simple as possible, we've rounded up the best slow cooker recipes right here that your whole family will love.

You'll soon find that the possibilities are endless with the following recipes that include slow cooker chicken, slow cooker beef, and even slow cooker vegetarian dishes. Not only can you serve these for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but you can also put these slow cooker recipes together year-round. Want to keep warm during winter? Bookmark one of the following slow cooker soup recipes. Looking to make more nutritious choices for dinner? There are plenty of healthy slow cooker recipes, too. If you need the perfect dish for your summer barbecue, we've also got plenty of summer slow cooker options. (Not to mention tons of slow cooker desserts!) No matter what time of year or day you plan to make these easy recipes, know that there's always one that'll fit your needs. Ready for a simple dinner? Just look through the following slow cooker recipes for inspiration.

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As written, the sauce was too thin and watery and a bit bland. I wound up taking the seafood out to doctor the sauce and adding a whole jar of a chopped tomatoes in a garlic-olive oil sauce, a bay leaf, and even a couple threads of saffron, making the sauce much better. Chopped tomatoes, not just sauce, is seriously needed in this recipe for some texture!! Was delicious with adaptations though. Served with homemade egg pasta.

This was delicious. We did it over rice!

well, the total damage was about $40 to gather all the items whereas a large Linguine Fruitti di Mare from Buca Di Beppo costs around $30. The dish has a "fishy" sweet taste that I can not say I like too much, my kids just walked away after the first bite. Maybe the cooking directions were not clear but IF I am to do it again (notice the big IF), I would not toss the linguine to the mix at the end because I like to roll the pasta in my fork. The tossing cut the pasta into small chunks that one can only scoop up to eat. The pasta also sticks to the shells and inside the clams & mussels, quite messy. I have only one advice for the future "chefs" who want to try cooking this dish: prepare "Frutti di Mare" sauce separately, then pour it on top of the pasta when serving, like you do with meat sauce. Also start with only 1 portion to see if you like it, wasting $10 is probably worth learning the lesson.

Gotta love 8/9/2011 `knaptyme' review: ". don't like seafood, so didn't use it. " Frutti di mare = "fruit of the sea". Perhaps mac-n-cheese could be make with kudzu and armadillo.

Loved it. Our local fine Italian restaurant has this dish on the menu and I had hoped to make a knockoff for dinner the other night. I was a little put off by the simplicity of the recipe at first (there had to be more to it for it to taste like Carmine's) but gave it a shot. I added 1/2 onion and sauteed it for a minute or two before adding the garlic (which I doubled and highly recommend), and followed the rest of the recipe as printed. Be aware that the shellfish will release a lot of liquid into the sauce so the 3/4 cup tomato sauce will make enough! The sauce is sweet and can be made more savory with some aromatics and perhaps a bay leaf or two and some extra pepper.

An easy recipe to adapt. Doubled the garlic. Sauteed green pepper & onion. I used a can of crushed tomatoes. Added fresh chopped tarragon and some grated parmesan to the sauce. I had a can of baby clams that I drained and added with a lb of shelled shrimp and 1/2 lb small bay scallops. Served over fresh linguine with warm crusty bread and white wine. I garnished with some more chopped tarragon instead of the parsley.

I followed the recipe as directed, however I added fresh Mahi Mahi. It was excellent. My wife said it was the best meal that I ever made.

This was. Very good made exactly except for omitting seafood we didn't like so doesn't impact my rating we will make again and again

I made this for mother's day for my family (8 adults) and everyone really liked it. I added thinly sliced red pepper and onion, as suggested by another reviewer, and served over fresh pasta and with toasted baguette on the side. Due to the number of guests, I doubled the original recipe and found that it took quite a bit longer for everything to cook (almost 30 minutes in the pot). Delicious, healthy meal for seafood lovers.

The sauce is refreshingly light, but does sweeten considerably due to the seafood. I did not double the sauce, as I think the idea is to let the pasta and seafood stand out - not drown. Great for people who love sweet sauces - too bad for me that I'm not one of them.

Easy & delicious! The seafood creates a wonderful sauce with the garlic, red pepper flakes, tomatoes (I used fresh) & wine. A recipe to "make your own" depending on what your fishmonger has fresh. I'll definitely make this again.

Wow! This is one of the best meals I have ever made!! I followed the recipe exactly, though I did use whole wheat pasta. All the flavors, textures, and colors married perfectly. I will be making this again!

Easy and flavorful light Italian recipe. The sweetness of the smallest freshest clams and extremely fresh mussels will enhance this dish. If not available, I would urge you to substitute more shrimp and calamari, both of which can be frozen. For a change, I skipped the wine and just used water, although next time I'll try some bottled clam juice. I used a frozen marinara sauce and added 3 peeled and cored plum tomatoes, in order to improve consistency and freshness. Also suggest doubling the garlic.Used 1/2 package of pasta - 8 oz. Result was restaurant quality, light Italian meal which will feed 6 and took under an hour.

This recipe is so simple, yet so delicious!! I added more shrimp and scallops (same amount of clams) since I left out the mussels and calamari. I wish Iɽ added even more shrimp - I would rather have had less linguine and more seafood - but that's for next time. I did not, as some reviewers suggest, double the sauce (although I did use a little more wine). At least for me, doubling the sauce would have made it too heavy - this way, every noodle was coated, but not dripping. Very light and yummy!

I left out the calamari and clams. I used a large can of tomato sauce so that I had plenty. It was greeted with rave reviews. I am definitely going to make this again and again. Simple ingredients. Really fast to make. I served with bread that I spread with butter and mozarella and toasted to crisp in the oven. It made it really yummy with the sauce to dip in.

This recipe is delicious, easy and inexpensive . but you come off as deceivingly fancy! Great for a date night. My fiancé was impressed when he came home and saw me slicing calamari - but really it was nothing. Add extra red pepper flakes for some kick.

Excellent recipe and very easy to make. Fortunately I doubled the recipe for our four, because we could easily have finished the whole thing. I added a thinly sliced red pepper and and small onion at the end of the garlic stage, and added about a 12 ounce piece of cod, cut into 1" pieces. I also used fresh pasta, bought at our local market (Adams Fairacre Farms).

My wife and kids loved it. With a bottle of white spanish wine. CHEERS!

very tasty. i followed recipe pretty much exact. a little extra garlic and red pepper flakes though

This was excellent! Added extra shrimp and extra sauce. What a treat.

This turned out so yummy! I did however leave the mussels and calamari out and added more clams and scallops and shrimp to make up for it. My husband raved over this dish and insisted I serve it to friends for dinner and they loved it too!

recipe is average to below average. the sauce is way too plain. i added additional garlic and fresh thyme but it was still watery and boring. it was, however, quick, easy, and relatively healthy.

Very good as is. I will substitute fresh tomato chopped for the tomato sauce next time.

This was delicious. I added red & yellow bell peppers and turned out very good. Doesn't taste like a lowfat recipe

Forgot the most important part - I doubled the sauce part of the recipe (tomato sauce & wine) - that's a must especially if you have leftovers!

The Atlanta Eats Restaurant Finder

Embark on an appetizing adventure and savor the exotic flavors of South Africa in a seductively ambient environment.

Just as its name indicates, 101 Steak is a chef-driven steakhouse serving the highest quality steaks and delicious seafood.

Everyone has the sarcastic friend who says that Gluten Free food tastes like cardboard. Take them to 2B Whole, however, and they’re very likely to keep their mouths shut. That’s because their mouths will be stuffed with delicious, gluten free pastries, desserts and savory dishes like pizza and pot pie.

Get ready for more than a meal at this Duluth spot…you’re in for an experience!

There’s something about that fajita sizzle and the taste of salt on the rim of your drink that makes any dining experience feel a little extra fun. At 7 Tequilas, they bring that authentic Mexican dining experience every night, with delicious plates, tons of margarita options and amazing service in four laid back locations.

770 BBQ grills up fresh & gorgeously marbled meat right in front of your eyes! It’s like dinner & a very delicious show.

In Buckhead, we all know a Happy Hour can extend its way into dinner, and Agency Socialtheque at Phipps Plaza was created exactly with that scenario in mind. Owner Ryan Glover and chef Robbie Burton have created a mouthwatering menu with comfort food classics up and down the list.

This place is no typical pizza, pasta, and sub shop. This is fine Italian dining, disguised as pizza, pasta, and subs.

Alma Cocina brings a new approach to contemporary Latin and Mexican cuisine and a whole lot of spice to the heart of downtown Atlanta.

“There’s always something goin’ on at Amici” is the best way to describe this family owned pizza café and bar.

What’s the difference between Ice Cream and Frozen Custard? According to a few custard lovers we spoke to, “Custard is more creamy”, “It’s better than ice cream – hands down.”

Breakfast with a little flavor from Cajun Country

This could be the most decorated pizza anywhere! When you take pizza as seriously as Gio does, you’re bound to win a few awards.

At Appalachian Grill, you get the best of Cartersville’s hometown feel with incredible steak, seafood and pasta dishes.

Atlanta is the city of dining out, so dine out in the best way possible at Aria.

A modern expression of the classic American steakhouse, Arnette’s Chop Shop focuses on amazing decor, impeccable service, and an unbelievable steakhouse menu from Chef Stephen.

Ate Track Bar in Cartersville, GA is a musically inspired cafe. The menu – an eclectic mix of taqueria-style entrees, house-ground steak burgers, plus amazing seafood and chicken entrees – is inspired by the musical memories of owners Jackie and Andrea Wallace.

When you walk into this Decatur spot, you’ll feel like you’re eating at home. Customers are treated like family, & the colorful, warm & homey environment has proved to be well-liked, with some guests having been customers since the restaurant opened.

No surprises here, it’s fish on the menu, and there’s no mistaking the giant fish sculpture outside this legendary Buckhead eatery, whose building is based on a 1920s Savannah railroad station.

A true taste of France in the heart of Morningside/Piedmont Heights, Atmosphere Bistro is our cozy and cool spot for seasonal dining

Ba Bellies, located in Peachtree Corners, is owned by three siblings who each bring their own bold personalities to the menu.

You can find amazing food in the strangest of places. Yes, even connected to a gas station in Cumming, GA.

They’re cooking up good stuff at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar. With multiple locations around metro Atlanta, there’s a Bad Daddy’s close to you.

Authentic Thai food with a sleek train vibe make Bangkok Station a delicious and unique dining experience!

The vibe at Barcelona is modern, it’s fast, it’s hip without being trendy, and it’s classic without making you feel like you’re in the dining car on the Orient Express.

Beer is made from three simple ingredients – barley, hops and water. So at Barleygarden, you know you’ll get a great option for beer with their 61 rotating taps.

When you walk into Bartaco, you’ll be struck by beauty both that of the restaurant and the clientele. There is no doubt that this is a place to see and be seen.

Everyone knows the best bagels come from New York, but when you have a craving for that Everything with a shmear, where in metro Atlanta can you go? The Bronx, of course! Family-owned Bronx Bagels, or BB’s Bagels, is considered by many to be Atlanta’s best.

Bell Street Burritos is the perfect stop after you walk the Beltline from Piedmont Park to the Old Fourth Ward.

This casual-yet-hip Decatur favorite has mastered the art of “Indian Tapas.”

Big Oak Tavern in Roswell is a delicious family and neighborhood gathering spot, with aims to set up roots as long as the 100 year old oak tree that stands in front of it.

Made-daily-from-scratch New York style dough is hand-tossed, topped with only the best ingredients, and cooked to pizza perfection on a stone deck oven.

With decor that’s reminiscent of the classic dining rooms of the 1920s, all that’s missing to make the place feel like burlesque Paris is a stage and Josephine Baker.

ITP flavor with an OTP adress, Alpharetta’s Bite is taking the town by storm. Whether you’re craving a Maine style lobster roll or a West Coast style cheeseburger, Bite will bring their distinct Southern charm to the dish. So, grab a seat, order a glass of wine and let these guys wow you.

Atlanta has always been a City on the rise, with folks all over the country packing up and heading down to the Empire State of the South. That’s what owner Timmy Phillip did and why his Black Bear Tavern is an oasis for Chicago expats living in Dixie.

Fast casual Black Walnut Cafe is making waves with its debut to to metro Atlanta.

There’s something about an open-air space that makes you feel alive, and at BlueTop in Chamblee, they are living!

Tucked away in the Inman Park neighborhood is this Italian gem. Perfect for a romantic night on the town or a mid-week meal with friends, you’ll find homemade pasta and oh so much more!

Inspired by la dia de los muertos, Bone Garden Cantina is reviving West Midtown.

In 2010 Atlanta Magazine awarded Best BBQ in Atlanta to a place that was only open one day a week. Two years later, Bone Lick BBQ has gone full time and is like no barbecue place you’ve ever been to.

Thomas Keller is a chef that can be described in one word genius. Having already built the nations most acclaimed restaurant, The French Laundry, he set his sight on taking over Vegas. In it’s tenth year, Bouchon is proof that he has accomplished his task, and then some.

This Best of Forsyth winner has you covered on all fronts. Fresh seafood, amazing steaks and a great drink list, it’s all nestled into the cozy center of Vickory Village.

Take the bustle of a New York deli lunch counter, place it in leafy green Sandy Springs, add a friendly ambiance, great customers and high quality ingredients and you get Breadwinner Cafe.

The Korean BBQ scene is booming in Atlanta, but Breaker’s is really setting them ahead of the pack. Less than a year old, Breakers has already made a lasting impression in the Atlanta restaurant world.

Since 1997 the legendary Decatur pub has been the go-to tavern for anyone who loves beer that would never ever be followed by the word Lite.

What’s “Under the Bridge” in historic downtown Cartersville? A fast casual dining concept in a beautiful setting – the BridgeHouse Cafe!

A true Atlanta institution serving upscale diner fare that folks cannot get enough of.

When he decided to open his very first restaurant, The Cake Boss chose the one and only Venetian Palazzo in Las Vegas. Using family recipes and his own world-famous desserts, he has built a restaurant that is truly destination worthy.

It doesn’t get more local than Buttermilk Kitchen — owner/chef, Suzanne Vizethan makes her own buttermilk.

Atlanta’s Tech Square is one of the city’s most innovative areas. It only makes sense that Bytes, Atlanta’s most innovative restaurant, calls the neighborhood home.

The focus is on fresh seafood, a well-stocked raw bar, and classic prime steaks. Combine that with a menu that is formidable and spans the fare of the classic Manhattan steakhouse to that of a Parisian brasserie.

Walking into Cabernet is walking into classic steakhouses of the past.

Delightful and imaginative chocolates made from scratch, bean to bar

It’s just like being in Paris. All that’s missing is the sound of an accordion being played by a mime.

Every great neighborhood deserves a great restaurant-bar where locals can have a great meal with friends, sidle up for a cozy drink or a slice of pizza and catch their favorite team on TV!

The Cafe at the Corner has been a Hapeville institution for years, and Atlanta Eats visited to learn about their incredible chicken salad, fresh made bread and pastries, and classically trained chef.

In a City that’s always hustling and looking to the future, going to Cafe Intermezzo is like traveling through space and time to an old European cafe. Whether you’re stopping by for an incredible cappuccino or espresso, a hand crafted cocktail or a mouthwatering sweet or savory bite, Cafe Intermezzo is the calm oasis in a chaotic City grid.

Authentic French pastries in Atlanta? Oui Oui! Café Vendôme pairs ancestral techniques with carefully selected ingredients.

With a Little Italy attitude and flavor, Cameli’s pizzas, calzones, and pastas give us a little taste of everything we love about pizza.

It’s Neapolitan style pizza in Alpharetta! With an emphasis on service and outrageously delicious food, this is a truly top notch pizzeria.

Nestled against the Chattahoochee River in Vinings is the legendary Canoe. Its riverside setting is unmatched in Atlanta.

Downtown Woodstock has a fresh new spot – in more ways than one – with Canyon’s! Serving incredible fresh products in an American style menu, Canyons locally sources everything for a mouthwatering meal in an incredibly lively environment.

Nestled off Cheshire Bridge road in the Morningside neighborhood, famed restauranteur Justin Anthony’s latest venture, Cape Dutch, takes a modern approach to South African cuisine.

Capriotti’s began as a sandwich shop in Wilmington, Delaware’s Little Italy in 1976. Today, they’ve grown to many Capriottis, all around the country. But the ONLY Capriotti’s in Atlanta is in Kennesaw, where they make the restaurant’s famous Bobbie sandwich using perfectly baked bread, fresh ingredients and amazing customer service every day.

Casa Grande makes Marietta’s best margaritas – and the plates are grande, too. Whether you’re there for sizzling fajitas, incredible quesadillas, or homemade guacamole at the table – every meal at Casa Grande is delicioso!

Mexico is a big country, with more than the typical flavors you’re used to seeing. In Oaxaca, they have their own brand of Mexican cuisine, and Casi Cielo in Sandy Springs brings all of those flavors to Atlanta.

The building that used to house The Watershed in Decatur, which stood empty for months, is the new home of Chai Pani. Serving up a variety of mindblasting (their word) dishes, Meherwan and Molly Irani have brought Bombay street food to West Ponce.

Traditional Thai cuisine in a modern, sexy setting is what you’ll find at Chai Yo. Tucked away in Buckhead, it’s the perfect spot for a work date or a date date.

Chairs is what we wish every neighborhood bar was like. Plenty of pool tables, retro arcade games, and an ample selection of beer and whiskey.

A hip atmosphere, a great selection of drinks, grills at your table and a menu that combines delicious Korean flavors with gastropub fare

Authentic Caribbean cuisine that makes you feel like you’re on vacation in the Islands, Chef Rob’s Caribbean Cafe and Upscale Lounge’s got it all: delicious food, a comfortable environment & a lounge for great nightlife!

The Wild West is in Marietta! Cherokee Cattle Company, from the Marietta Family Restaurant Group, has the Texas-style charm—and Texas-size portions—that’s perfect for a family meal out.

In Atlantic Station, whether you’re going shopping or going to the movies, Chef Shaun Doty is bringing chicken to a new level. Local. Delicious. Farm fresh. Everything at Chick-a-Biddy is clucking good!

Bright, fresh, and fun – That’s the Baja Mexican way and Chido + Padre’s is exactly that. Good at any time of day, they offer weekend brunch, lunch and dinner along with signature cocktails made from freshly squeezed juices.

267 miles to Atlanta’s closest beach – not exactly a quick trip. That’s why your best option for those beach vibes is in downtown Alpharetta, believe it or not. Chiringa, which has a sister restaurant on the 30A Coast, Chiringo, brings the beach year-round.

This old-school chop house right off of West Paces Ferry has made itself a staple in Atlanta.

For a true taste of Italy, Sandy Springs’ Cibo E Beve, always hits the spot. Known for fresh ingredients, innovative flavor combinations, and an inviting ambiance, Cibo is perfect for date night, lunch meetings, and family dinners alike.

With Uno, Dos, Tres locations – and lots of “actitud” – Cinco restaurants brings authentic Mexican Flavors with lots of personality to the Atlanta area.

Fine fare in an even more fine atmosphere. Citizen Soul is Alpharetta’s sparkly new child that will not disappoint. A variety of menu items fit to please every pallet and a bar to dream about at night, it all comes together with the friendly and knowledgable staff. Also don’t miss the giant fire pit outside!

Coalition Food and Beverage is a delicious, chef-driven restaurant in the heart of downtown Alpharetta.

A mac and cheese restaurant that serves BBQ. But really really great BBQ.

Cooks & Soldiers has quickly attracted an audience of upscale tapas eaters from around the city.

Corner Tavern is a quality restaurant and lively neighborhood bar (we visited their Hapeville location) with some delicious eats, as well. When the weather gets warm, you can enjoy their outdoor seating and once their indoor dining starts up in the future, play a round of pool on their pool tables, or sit at the bar and enjoy a Jameson–they serve a lot of it.

Cajun food – REAL cajun food – right on Buford Highway? Oh yes. It’s real, and it’s spectacular. But this Cajun food comes from an unlikely source.

With the only rooftop patio in the zipcode, Creatwood boasts a large and inclusive cocktail menu, an upscale sports-bar like atmosphere, and is just a place to get really really good food.

Chef Raffaele Crispino is committed to bringing Southern Italian flavors to his restaurants both in his years of expertise, and in his ingredients! Whether it’s San Marzano tomatoes or his always-fired pizza oven brought in directly from Naples, Crispina is Italian to its core.

The classic steakhouse reimagined by Wolfgang Puck

The freshest seafood, prime steak and every game you could want at this upscale sports restaurant.

If you want to really experience true Central Texas barbecue, you’ve gotta try DAS!

Minutes away from the Atlanta Airport is the great village of East Point. Debbie’s Delights is one of the restaurant staples in this area serving up southern comfort in the form of a home cooked meal.

Del Frisco’s Steakhouse is an incredible luxury dining experience that mixes the modern and the classic. With meats butchered in-house daily, an extensive wine selection and incredible service, every trip to Del Frisco’s is a unique experience.

Please. Don’t ask us to choose our favorite part about Del Frisco’s Grille. It’s simply not a decision we’re equipped to make.

In 2011, two Atlanta restaurateurs came together came together to give the city even more reasons to love them. Delia Champion (The Flying Biscuit) and Molly Gunn (The Porter), opened Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand.

German Biergartens are one of the hottest trends to hit the restaurant scene, but in actuality, they’ve been around as long as their beer dating back to 1085 A.D.! At Der Biergarten in the Luckie Marietta District of downtown Atlanta, everything is served oversized and over-the-top delicious.

The aromas of wood-burning pizza, freshly-cooked pasta, and succulent meat are wafting through the air. No, you aren’t in Italy. In fact, this is di Paolo, an Italian restaurant in Alpharetta. This neighborhood spot features an open, inviting kitchen and an intimate, romantic ambience. They have been serving delicious Italian food alongside a lengthy wine list since 1995.

This place may be called Double Zero, but it deserves 10’s across the board for the fantastic modern Italian cuisine it serves.

With scrumptious seafood and killer cocktails, Drift Fish House and Oyster Bar is a can’t-miss dining destination for fresh ocean fare and an easy-breezy ambiance.

Taking the concept from Midtown to Buckhead, Ecco is bringing it’s iconic dishes and decor to another tony Atlanta neighborhood.

You know a place is good when there’s a line out the door, and since Emerald City Bagels opened, there’s been a line every morning patiently awaiting a delicious bagel or bagel sandwich.

Burgers, Cheesesteaks and Buffalo bites – Envegan brings all of your classic, indulgent flavors to you with an all vegan menu! Their buffalo cauliflower has become a favorite of folks who visit the restaurant regularly, but anything on the menu is incredible.

The perfect lunch – soup or salad, a delicious sandwich, and maybe a cookie for dessert. Farm to Ladle brings you the freshest version of that lunch every day, consistently with their fresh ingredients, focus on healthy fare and beautiful interiors at The Avalon and Ponce City Market.

Nothing tastes better than local. So at Farmview Market in Madison, GA, you better believe everything is delicious!

Fat Matt’s serves up all the things you want in great Q without the embellishments and gimmicks that other places use to draw customers. No, Fat Matt’s does it by serving damn good food.

Every great neighborhood deserves a great restaurant-bar where locals can have a great meal with friends, sidle up for a cozy drink or a slice of pizza and catch their favorite team on TV!

What’s in a name? At First Watch, it’s everything. Every morning starts at the crack of dawn, with freshly prepared fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and scratch batter.

For a healthy and delicious meal made entirely from scratch, look no further! Flower Child is here to satisfy both your stomach and your soul.

Nestled in Loganville just east of Atlanta lies a spot with award winning meats & cajun cuisine your mouth is gonna water for.

Malaysia is known for its amazing street food that brings together the cultures of Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific all together.

Foundation Social Eatery is a neighborhood restaurant you must try, even if you don’t live in Roswell.

Four65 Woodfire Grill doesn’t disappoint. Everything is cooked in high end, Italian woodfire ovens…

Sample the Texan-slash-Southern style slow & slow cooked Hickory-smoked meats at one of Atlanta’s famous BBQ spots!

Frankie’s The Steakhouse is one of Atlanta’s best, Manhattan style steakhouses – and it’s in Duluth! Whether you’re looking for a seafood tower, incredible wine list or a perfectly aged, Bone-in ribeye, Frankie’s is firing off incredible dishes every evening. Whatever you’re celebrating – a graduation, a birthday, or just an opportunity to get out of the house – put Frankie’s on the shortlist.

Located in Krog Street Market, Fred’s Meat and Bread is everything that there is to love about food. Fred’s has the charm and flare of an old school soda shop with a pull up counter serving up some of Atlanta’s best comfort classics.

Tucked into the oldest neighborhood in Atlanta, Inman Park’s Fritti is bringing old school pizza to Atlanta.

Fusing culinary experiences with a fondness for farm-to-table fare, From the Earth Brewing Company is more than a microbrewer.

Fumi is a restaurant that truly has it all: a gorgeous ambiance, the best quality foods you can find, great pricing, outdoor seating, an extensive bar with an impressive sake selection, private dining, an all-out sushi bar and hibachi for groups of any size.

It’s Friday night. The kids are full of energy for the weekend and you’re exhausted from a week of work. The answer? Galla’s pizza!

The menu at Gio’s offers bold flavors showcasing their bone-in, moist, lemon infused chicken that is artfully used in a select array of dinner options.

With locations in Virginia-Highland, and in a historic neighborhood in downtown Canton, Goin’ Coastal hauls in influences from all over the world for its menu.

There are some things that transcend Atlanta’s fabled brunch culture. Beyond the deviled eggs and the skillet scrambles, beyond the 45 minute waits to be seated when all you want is something to much on the go, is something much simpler: bagels.

Platters of smoked ribs, potato skins piled high with pimento cheese and pulled pork, and probably the best collard greens you’ve ever had. We’re talking Greater Good BBQ.

Atlanta’s Grindhouse Killer Burgers locations serve burgers that are more than worth getting your hands on.

A modern interpretation of an old school burger joint, Grub keeps everything consistently flavorful and exciting, from the burgers to the over-the-top desserts.

Gu’s Kitchen is Atlanta’s authentic Szechuan family restaurant. Created in Buford Highway in 2010, Gu’s Kitchen serves incredible dumplings and noodles in the spicy Szechuan style of China’s City of Chengdu.

Get your tickets…errrr, reservations…to Kevin Gillespie’s Gunshow, a creative new concept in cuisine and scene.

A wonderful mixture of Gatsby style and southern charm. Welcome to Hal’s!

You don’t have to go very far to find fine dining dishes in a peaceful, pastoral setting. Just head to the Highlands in North Carolina and plan your visit to Half Mile Farm.

Kick back, relax, and get your drink-with-a-tiny-umbrella on at this Baja California-feelin’ seafood joint.

Inman Park’s local community bar and restaurant, Hampton and Hudson is the perfect place to catch a game, grab dinner or meet up with friends. Renowned chef Craig Richards recently joined the Hampton + Hudson team and has redesigned elements of their menu to make the experience even better.

Located off of Collier Road in Atlanta, Hankook specializes in Korean bbq tacos made fresh to order for a line that regularly extends out the front door.

When in Rome, follow the Harvest Moon. We may be mixing our metaphors, but the Harvest Moon Cafe in Rome, GA is the place to visit when you’re in town.

A taste of Texas right at on our fingertips! Hattie Marie’s Texas Style BBQ and Cajun Kitchen is bringing finger licking good Port Arthur, TX flavor to downtown with NO apologies.

Haven Restaurant on Dresden Drive is the benchmark of great dining in the neighborhood, with a spectacular dinner menu, and a to-die-for brunch on weekends.

Fresh, oven fired pizzas in the Sandy Springs neighborhood keep the locals and people from all around coming back.

To drive by this place without stopping would be a mistake, because in a town that loves its ‘cue, Heirloom Market BBQ is among the best.

Henri Fiscus created a gourmet bakery in downtown Atlanta in 1929 at the corner of 10th and Peachtree Streets. For 90 years, this Atlanta institution has been creating gourmet baked goods, mouth watering sandwiches

Highland Bakery, with locations on the corner of Sampson and Highland in the Old Fourth Ward, and on the corner of 14th and Peachtree, is one of Atlanta’s favorite brunch spots.

A hobnob is a gathering, a celebration of life. And at Hobnob you’ll celebrate life with every bite, toast and smile. They practice unconditional hopsitality – open arms and open hearts for every customer.

This acclaimed Buckhead gastropub – and its illustrious late-night burger – needs no introduction.

Korean BBQ done tableside in Duluth.

Who said fine dining can’t be casual? At Hook Line & Schooner you can slurp your oysters and wear your jeans. Choose to enjoy your meal in the casual dining area, or outside on the patio to pair the fresh air with the fresh food.

When you’re wondering what’s for dinner, wings always win. And between their delicious spices and mouthwatering sauces, Hoots can deliver thousands of different flavor combinations for your wing order.

Atlanta’s go-to spot for growlers, wine & homebrew kits.

What do you get when you combine delicious, expertly made sushi, a Robata bar and a brewery featuring 13 original beers on tap?

After a 15 year hiatus, Houck’s Grille is back and better than ever!

Found in the heart of Roswell, Hugo’s Oyster Bar is the perfect destination for seafood and Cajun classics.

Get the authentic flavors of Italy right in the heart of Sandy Springs! Il Giallo from Chef Jamie Adams makes their pasta on-site, uses fresh ingredients and has an ambiance that’s perfect for date night or the entire family.

Ippolito’s presents classic and nostalgic Italian dishes, served family-style, in a neighborhood restaurant with lots of local flair…that is, if you can resist the overwhelming urge to fill up on their famous garlic knots first!

The perfect stack of pancakes. An omelette that makes your mouth water. A flaky biscuit topped with poached eggs. The sights, sounds and familiar flavors of breakfast are there for you at every J. Christopher’s location.

If you’ve ever been to one of the great cities or states in the Northeast, you’ve probably had a chance to dig in to a great sub or sandwich. And at every Jersey Mike’s location, you can take a bite of this great Northeastern tradition.

For southern barbecue that’s really good AND really authentic, look no further than Jim ’N Nick’s. Since 1985, this BBQ joint has been serving up fresh, made to order southern classics for everyone in Atlanta (and their mothers).

Located in Doraville, Jimmy’s Tequila and Carnes fuses Mexican food with the idea of a traditional steakhouse. As the name hints, this restaurant specializes in Tequila. In fact, they have co-branded a Tequila with the help of Tequila experts in Jalisco and Mexico City. Their menu consists of classic Mexican cuisine such as empanadas, nachos, and guacamole. However, they also have various steak and seafood options.

At Jinya Ramen Bar, you’ll always walk away with a shirt full of ramen broth and a smile. Start with their small plates, including incredible pork buns and crispy chicken.

If you’re in the Southeast, you can taste a little piece of New York with Johnny’s NY Pizza. Each Johnny’s shares the same quality, consistency & hometown NY feel that is hard to find this south of the Mason Dixon.

From Buckhead to Midtown, Joy Cafe’s grown up over the years. It started as a little cafe that made incredible Southern staples and is still delivering the same mouthwatering meals you’ve come to expect. With generations-old meatloaf recipes that still taste terrific to crispy crunchy fried chicken to eye popping pastries everything at Joy Cafe is comfort food heaven. And it’s all made from scratch by Joy herself.

Nestled in Duluth, K BBQ Factory is both a delicious and entertaining dining experience.

Kafenio is the quintessential cozy coffee shop, with comfy seating, antique elements, and flavorful brews every which way you take your cup of Joe.

What comes to mind when you think of a classic steakhouse? It’s pretty simple: you’ve gotta have the finest cuts of meat. You’ve gotta have those decadent, over-the-top delicious side dishes.

When Roi Shlomo decided to change his eating habits in 2012, he wanted to focus his diet on high quality food without processed ingredients. That desire has turned into Kale Me Crazy, a superfood cafe that supports a healthy lifestyle. With freshly made juices, incredible wraps and bowls, and a catering spread that breaks convention, Kale Me Crazy is bringing a healthy lifestyle to folks around metro Atlanta and the rest of the country.

If you’re looking for where everyone is in Hogansville or LaGrange, chances are they’re at Karvella’s. These town center pizza places come together thanks to the Karvela family.

When you first walk into King & Duke, you feel like you have stepped into an editorial spread for Garden & Gun. Everything screams ‘this is how man was supposed to eat.’. After lingering at the bar, you’ll immediately be drawn to the roaring fire in the kitchen. And this is truly where the magic happens at King & Duke. With perfectly roasted game and bubbling bone marrow, you’ll want everything you see.

This autentíco Columbian kitchen brings a taste of the old country to Cobb County.

Established in 2008, this 1950’s diner has a wide variety of delicious dishes to chose from all with names throwing it back to the 50’s.

Kevin Rathbun’s fourth Atlanta restaurant is a fine addition to his eponymous Rathbun’s, Kevin Rathbun Steak, and Krog Bar.

A passion that has been passed down from generation to generation, the Krystal experience is one that every Southern man, woman and child has shared.

Kyma isn’t a modern Mediterranean seafood tavern. No, Kyma is more than that. It is a modern Mediterranean seafood experience a celebration of Greek culture and cuisine.

La Parrilla is the spot where guacamole is created table-side, fajitas are served hot off the grill and enchiladas are covered with their signature sauce, white queso. There is something for everyone at this colorful Mexican joint so Atlanta Eats had to dig in and try the best they have to offer.

A cozy neighborhood gem, situated in the heart of the Virginia Highlands. And with a menu filled with veal meatballs and house made pasta along with a wine list that always surprises, you’ll be hard pressed to ever want to leave.

Located on the heart of the Beltline at mile marker 9.25, Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall is the place to go for campfire cuisine and a fun, outdoorsy time.

Atlanta Chef Jamie Adams comes from a rich cajun background, with two parents born and raised in New Orleans. He’s taken his history and combined it with his expertise in the kitchen to create LaGarde – Chamblee’s best new restaurant for cajun cuisine.

Where else would you expect to find the #1 sports bar in the world except for Las Vegas? And Emeril Lagasse built it in a way that will leave you stunned and wanting more. Bringing his passion for Cajun cooking and love of sports, you’ll seriously consider moving in to this one-of-a-kind spot!

From the husband and wife team that brought Atlanta the acclaimed Heirloom BBQ, come a diner with a taste of Korea and the Deep South.

Lawrenceville’s Local Republic, close to the clean country air, should be in any conversation about farm-to-table cuisine.

A down-to-earth spot with ambitious food, Local Three opened with splash. With a kitchen the size of two restaurants, they are able to make everything from scratch. This includes butchery

35 years ago, the first and only Longhorn Steakhouse opened in Atlanta, GA. Since then, the restaurant has boomed and grown into something nobody could have imagined.

Five minutes from the Beltline, skip the bacon, eggs and biscuit brunch places and grab a LottaFrutta.

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, you know it’s a City with its own flavor and spice. But if you can’t make it out there, you can get all the flavor and spice you need at Louisiana Bistreaux.

Looking for smoked comfort 7 days a week? Then you’ll love Lovie’s! A delicious BBQ spot tucked off Piedmont Road in Buckhead (you’ll find it under the Chipotle and Naan Stop), Lovie’s has amazing options whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Alpharetta residents are raving about this local and delicious spot that has over 300 bourbons, 50 craft beers on tap, and bbq smoaked on oak for hours. They smoke locally sourced meats and marinate them with in-house dry rubs that are perfect by themselves, but also pair nicely with their sauces. The service is fast and the food is hot which makes for a splendid time out to eat. If you plan on having a private dining event, check out their upstairs which was converted into a whiskey bar for a later, boozier night.

Bring your dog to this Roswell hotspot for a burger and an ice-cold brew.

Lure: To attract or entice. By Merriam-Webster’s definition, Lure, Fifth Group Restaurants’ Midtown fish house, is aptly named.

Expert pairings of cocktails along with small plate tapas give guests a unique combination of indulgence and comfort.

Maggiano’s has been bringing Italy to the Atlanta area for 20 years and they are top on our list.

When you smell a magnolia tree, you know you’re in the South. When you walk into The Magnolia Room in Tucker, you feel like you’re at home.

Incredible tomato sauce, handmade dough, and fresh ingredients everyday are just a few things that make Marco’s one of the best pizzerias in the business.

The Marietta Diner wants to make sure you never leave hungry. With enormous portions and 24 hour a day service, you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner – and pretty much anything else you want – from the diner.

At Marietta Fish Market, the seafood is flown in daily. Whether it’s flounder from the Northeast, crab legs from Alaska, shrimp and grouper from the gulf, lobsters from Maine, Chilean sea bass or Greek lavraki..

Matthew’s Cafeteria in Tucker is one of those rare places: a beloved neighborhood institution whose reputation is known all over the city. It’s been feeding families for as long as anyone can remember.

You won’t find coal-fired flavor like this anywhere else in Atlanta.

From its humble beginnings on 6th Street in Midtown, to its now larger space and additional locations in Alpharetta and Smyrna, McCray’s tavern has been serving delicious food to Atlanta residents for over a decade. Whether it’s their 6th Street Nachos, Pimento Cheese Dip, the Grizzly burger or other great bar snacks, there’s a reason to make it your neighborhood pub.

Farm to Fork takes on a whole new meaning at this North Fulton eatery. The 150 yr old farmhouse and 1930s cottage serve as the grounds for Milton’s Cuisine & Cocktails and offers the perfect charm to accompany their New Southern fare.

When you come dine at this family-run restaurant, you’ll really feel part of the family.

Sourcing its beef from Buckhead Beef, Moxie assembles “awesome creations” in a bun.

Whether you’re brunching or lunching, dinner-ing or dessert-ing, Murphy’s does it all. And they do it all right.

Epicurean enthusiasts Todd Mussman and Ryan Turner only wanted one thing: to build the restaurant they would want to eat at. Turns out what they had in mind was just what Smyrna was craving, too.

Before you physically eat any of Chef Nahm’s delicious creations, you’ll devour them with your eyes first.

Nakato has been serving up some of the best Japanese cuisine in Atlanta since 1972, proving that fine dining can be fun dining. With their extensive selection of traditional hibachi and teppanyaki dishes, Nakato is fit to satisfy your whole party – and all of their cravings. The sushi menu at Nakato is equally impressive, featuring all kinds of rolls and bowls made with the freshest fish and prepared using traditional Japanese techniques.

NAM Kitchen is a Vietnamese restaurant all about the experience. Vietnamese culture treats meal time as an opportunity for family to come together and celebrate!

It’s the newest sensation on the Atlanta Beltline – a brewery and a brewmaster with a pedigree that goes all the way west to Escondido, California. But it’s not just a brewery – New Realm finds creative ways to inject their brews into unreal dishes.

Nikolai’s Roof serves up classy caviar and sure-fire martinis, but how about an outstanding rack of lamb, a delicious duck breast and the perfect steak. Located in Downtown Atlanta on the top of the Hilton hotel, Nikolai’s Roof provides a view like nothing else in the city.

Nina and Rafi has answered Atlanta’s Italian cuisine-related prayers with their ristorante per famiglie (family restaurant), providing the city with incredible craft made pizzas.

Step into Mexico the next time you head to Castleberry Hill at No Mas Cantina. Featuring incredible Mexican dishes and mouth watering Margaritas, this restaurant is enormous and can hold your next large party with ease.

At No. 246 almost everything else is sourced locally, from the Georgia white shrimp to the Sweetgrass Dairy goat cheese and north Georgia trout.

Father-son culinary stars behind 4th and Swift serve up daily oysters and a constantly evolving menu to explore new combinations of flavors.

With over 36 varieties of fresh sushi, udon noodles, calamari salad, hibachi, & so much more, Nori Nori has anything a Japanese food lover could ever want.

Nowak’s restaurant comes from a rich Atlanta steakhouse heritage. Owner Blaiss Nowak is the son of Hal’s Steakhouse owner Hal Nowak and he worked every job at Hal’s – even dishwasher and busser.

Serving up classic Mexican dishes, Nuevo Laredo wows diners with everything you could possibly want in, on, or near a tortilla.

Reminiscent of the old-style neighborhood store where you could get a soda, a sandwich, and some groceries for home, OGM is as much a place to meet as a place to eat.

They’ve been open for 40 years and continue to make delicious, slow cooked meats in their classic Old Brick Pit.

Historic, charming & cozy — if you’re looking for an incredible southern meal in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, Old Vinings Inn is a great choice.

Like every great neighborhood pub, Olde Blind Dog brings the comforts of good food, good drink and great company together for the folks living in – and visiting – Town Brookhaven.

The Original Pancake House has been serving up “pancakes as you like them!” since 1953. Everything is made from scratch and to order, using locally sourced ingredients to ensure that the freshest food ends up on your plate.

After a trip to Italy, Ryan Pernice decided to bring a taste of Rome to Canton Street. From pizza on the patio to delicate pasta paired with the perfect glass of wine, you’ll be transported to the Mediterranean immediately.

Park Tavern has it all — amazing food and drinks, beautiful views, and a prime location at the entrance of Piedmont Park.

Gastro Italiano right next to the Mall of Georgia. And yeah, this is the place to get a Krispy Kreme burger, what’s not to love about that?

Gastro Italiano right next to the Mall of Georgia. And yeah, this is the place to get a Krispy Kreme burger, what’s not to love about that?

Looking for positively massive meatballs and all the garlic knots you could ever want? Pasta Bella is just the ticket. This hidden gem from the Marietta Restaurant Group is a consistently solid, affordable, and family-friendly spot for scrumptious pasta, craveworthy cannolis, and more. The portions are absurd, so wear stretchy pants and prepare to bring some leftovers home for days to come!

Still ready to party after the Braves take a W at home? Stop by PBR Atlanta for a night of drinks, dancing, and fun!

If you’re looking for delightful, farm-to-table meals with prime hospitality, look no further than Peach & the Porkchop.

“Food is a reason for living” is the motto at Petite Violette. In what was formally known as Petite Auberge has emerged the finest French dining establishment in Atlanta.

This fast casual chain had been specializing in cheesesteak perfection for 33 years.

Marietta Square brings that small town feel to the metro Atlanta area. And every small town should have a delicious, authentic Italian restaurant in their town square. Piastra delivers on all of that and more…

Two best friends, Helen and Melissa, and co-founders of Piece of Cake started this bakery with three original recipes and now have a variety of tasty cakes!

There is something special about this barbecue joint. No frill, but Pig-N-Chik supplies a lot of flavor and unique menu items.

When you can smell smoke driving in…when the line is out the door…when the sides are simmering all day – you know you’re at a good BBQ spot. Delta employees and Hapeville residents have been coming to Pit Boss BBQ for years for some of the best smoked wings, ribs and brisket anywhere!

The flavors of the mediterranean are all over Atlanta – and you can find them at PITA Mediterranean street food. What is mediterranean street food? Delicious gyros, falafels, hummus, babaganoush and tabouleh.

Roswell’s got a new Neapolitan pizza spot in town, and it’s already turning heads.

Where does East meet West in the South? At PONKO chicken! This Japanese inspired fast casual restaurant was a Stone Mountain institution until it took a break for a few years after the 2008 recession.

When diners come to this quaint spot in Smyrna, head chef & owner Andre Gomez wants them to feel completely comfortable, like they are having lunch or dinner at his house.

There is no shortage of remarkable, high-end places to dine in Buckhead. But if you want to impress, Pricci will do just that. Nosh on great Italian and Modern American fare highlights include the Osso Bucco and Pork chop which are both great dishes to share with a date.

So much more than just outstanding tacos!

Kevin Rathbun is one of the best chefs in the world (just ask anyone who’s eaten at his restaurants). He’s cooking some of the best food anywhere right here in Atlanta.

Just off of Mansell Road in Alpharetta is a restaurant that feels like it’s straight out of Buckhead massive steaks, fresh seafood and a bar that’s always full of energy. This is a name you already know, and a restaurant you’ll love This is Ray’s at Killer Creek.

Ray’s on the River in Sandy Springs is one of those rare places where the food is matched by the beautiful view.

Since 2011, Red Pepper Taqueria has been delivering delicious, fresh Mexican fare daily. Led in the kitchen by the incomparable Chef Mimmo – Red Pepper uses fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, separating them from other Mexican restaurants in the area.

At the headquarters of Porsche, you can have the ultimate dining experience and the ultimate driving experience all in one. Restaurant 356 has an incredible seasonal menu, but the views are like nothing you’ve seen before – this is a whole different kind of fast food! Named after Porsche’s first production car, Restaurant 356 has [&hellip]

If Willie Wonka made doughnuts, these are the doughnuts he’d make.

Bienvenue. Willkommen. Bienvenido. Welcome. Rico’s World Kitchen embraces culinary influences from every corner of the world to cook up a boundless menu of culturally enriched comfort foods.

This Chicago style sports pub in Sandy Springs has been serving up deep dish pizza, Chicago style hotdogs, and authentic Chicago style beef since 1964 with recipes dating back to the 1890’s.

Born in New Orleans, one of the most incredible food towns in the world, this restaurant now has locations all over the country.

The freshest ingredients always sounds good but this is a goodness you can taste! Saladworks brings you your old friends like a chicken caesar and lets you make new ones!

After a long week of work, keeping your house in order and trying to maintain your sanity, you’ve earned a trip to Scream’n Nuts.

The best kept “secret” of Brookhaven and Alpharetta is ready to get let out of the bag. This spot is the place for reimagined favorites.

Locally sourced, seasonal ingredients in a sleek, vibrant setting.

Check out one of the 4 Seoul K BBQ Breakers Express locations around Atlanta (and counting!). People are flocking to their healthy, grilled, flavorful and saucy takes on the Korean BBQ classics and some Korean twists on American staples.

Chef Scott Serpas’s menu features some of the best Southern comfort food you will find with succulent exciting twists.

A cult favorite brings burgers and shakes to Atlanta.

Set across from Grant Park’s Oakland Cemetery, it’s only fitting that this aptly named pub serves Spicy Rat Toes and such…

Hit the road and head to Smokejack! This downtown Alpharetta institution has been there since before the area’s revitalization and continues to deliver delicious BBQ and southern dishes every day.

For some, the best way to pass along family traditions and memories is through food. And at Sorriso Apizza in Alpharetta, they’re living the family legacy every day.

Buckhead’s cozy Souper Jenny café may switch up its offerings on a daily basis, but one thing you can always count on is food that will satisfy.

In 1993, South City Kitchen opened on Crescent Avenue, a hidden side street in Midtown at the time. Now, 26 years later, SCK is an Atlanta institution, serving Southern classics with a sophisticated spin in four stylish locations.

Where the train tracks run through Chamblee, you’ll find Southbound – a creative, Southern comfort food restaurant. Featuring two floors with rooms for lots of events (including weddings), the charm and warmth emanates from each floorboard and decoration.

Chef Art Smith’s Southern Art celebrates everything that makes our cuisine fabulous bourbon, fried chicken and pies as far as the eye can see!

Its all in the name when it comes to Sports & Social. There are TV screens covering the walls and free interactive games all around.

Serving up ‘cue to the masses since in 1926, Sprayberry’s is a legend in Newnan and beyond. But it’s more than BBQ, it’s family, Friday Night Lights and tradition. Oh, and the best lemon icebox pie you’ve ever had!

Sprig is, as the Web site proclaims, “a community centered restaurant” serving Southern comfort food, made with locally sourced ingredients.

Atlantic Station has tons of great options, but one restaurant in particular really sticks out. Sri Thai’s creative wooden structure gets your attention from the street, and their imaginative dishes get your attention in the restaurant.

Ford Fry’s latest spot that has turned into the hottest table in Atlanta.

The sports bar scene is booming in Atlanta, but STATS really sets themselves ahead of the pack. The restaurant has tables furnished with beer taps, five different bars to ensure quick service, and 70 HD televisions for ample game coverage

Tex-Mex dishes – like the kind you can find in Superica – are their own incredible cuisine, built over generations in Texas and the American Southwest.

Getting our sugar fix on Buford Highway

Upscale barbecue done right in the heart of Buckhead. 521 Kitchen & Que combines complex flavors and classic techniques to create a new twist on traditional southern classics.

Atlanta’s #1 brewery is bringing West Coast style beer and delicious gastropub grub to your glass.

Ryan Pernice and Ted Lahey have impressive culinary resumes. Both have succeeded in New York City, and now they’re cooking up a Southern storm in Roswell at their restaurant, Table and Main.

Taco Mac serves the southeast’s original & award-winning buffalo wings, offers the best selection of craft beers on draft & brings the friendliest Southern hospitality they fell in love with so many years ago.

Takorea’s unique fusion of Korean and Mexican flavors is unconventional in the best way possible.

How do you make a dish that tastes like it took hours to prepare in just minutes? With preparation – and delicious recipes – at Tanaka Express!

At Tannery Row Ale House, you’ll get a delicious chef crafted meal in historic downtown Buford, GA. Every day they serve up amazing BBQ, craft beers,tacos,burgers, & even stone baked pizzas.

Few things say “fresh” quite like a good taco does, and that’s what Taqueria del Sol offers.

Looking for a family friendly restaurant that will teach your kids to eat things they may not be familiar with? Taqueria Tsunami brings the flavors of South of the Border and the Far East together in familiar, popular dishes like tacos, nachos and more.

Known as one of the most authentic Caribbean food restaurants in Metro Atlanta, Tassa Roti is a hot spot for Trinidadian cuisine with locations in both Marietta and Alpharetta.

Every family needs a great Chinese spot nearby for dinner, and families all throughout Sandy Springs know that Tasty China is always a perfect option!

A combination of Mediterranean, Italian and Greek cuisine alongside light-hearted entertainment is served up at this Cheshire Bridge gem!

From the minds of legendary restaurateur George McKerrow and Ted Turner comes Ted’s Montana Grill. The home of the bison burger that is the talk of the town, Ted’s is a home run any time you walk in the door.

Alden in old English means “old friend” – and it also happens to be chef Jared Hucks’ middle name. So it only made sense that The Alden restaurant celebrating the “convivial feeling of being amongst old friends” would take on the eponym.

Authentic Lebanese cuisine in Peachtree City.

A beach break right around the corner! The Big Ketch brings your dreams of fresh seafood and beach bar vibes to Roswell.

A little cafe in College Park that is changing the way people think of this sleepy town.

The Curious Pig in Fayette County is a place where delicious, chef-driven food is created in an area with traditionally few options.

At The Duke in Dunwoody, you’ll get a genuine London pub experience with a unique British spin on your favorite bar bites.

If you’re a smoked meat, whisky & craft cocktails fan, you’re gonna want to make a reservation here ASAP.

What is it about Southern cooking that makes our breakfasts so much better than anywhere else? The BISCUITS. The Flying Biscuit has been bringing this combination of South and breakfast together since 1993 around Atlanta and has been growing and growing ever since.

When The General Muir opened in February 2013, there was little doubt that he’d been wildly successful in the execution of his idea. From subway tiles, to a baked goods counter, a sit-in restaurant, and a breakfast counter…The General Muir has everything you could want in a deli.

Everyone needs a neighborhood spot. The is Decatur’s Cheers.

Edison bulbs, exposed brick walls, and a friendly staff. It’s everything a hip, new restaurant strives to have. The Iberian Pig, located in Decatur, offers this and much more.

An old mansion converted into a restaurant & bar is just one of the many awesome things about this Buckhead hot spot.

We know seafood boils in this part of the country – whether you’ve got roots in the low country or New Orleans, boils are a way of life in the South. That’s why business is booming at The Juicy Crab!

Known as the Town Hall of Tucker, The Local 7 gives diners a small town feel, even though it’s just ten minutes outside of Atlanta.

A stunning 10,000 square feet of exclusive space located on the northeast side of the theatre, The Marquee Club presented by Lexus has access to the fabulous rooftop terrace, for the first time in decades, overlooking the iconic Fox marquee and Peachtree Street.

The Mill Kitchen and Bar proves you don’t have to live inside the perimeter to find absolutely incredible cuisine.

The Nest Cafe is a full service European Bistro located in downtown Alpharetta, serving up paninis, soups, salads, gelato, and specialty beverages made fresh to order in a casual and welcoming environment.

Thought Atlanta couldn’t be known for its seafood? Ford Fry’s award winning restaurant hopes to change your mind.

Tacos, and margaritas, and queso..oh my! From the guys behind Fifth Group Restaurants, we get a taste of Mexico in The Virginia Highlands.

You’ve seen it featured on FX’s Atlanta, but the legend of J.R. Cricket’s goes deeper than lemon pepper wings (Although the lemon pepper wings ARE excellent).

Power lunches, your face on the wall and the best Chicken Parm in Atlanta what’s not to love at The Palm?

What happens when you bring the sophistication of the big city to the charming area of historical College Park? A refined meat & three! There’s something for everyone on this quirky southern menu!

A true neighborhood gem in Decatur with craft cocktails and small plates.

800 beers (and not one of them is a Budweiser). Gourmet pub grub (like, actually really gourmet)

You’re likely to see a lot of chain restaurants in Kennesaw, but this spot is anything but that.

The Select Restaurant in Sandy Springs is the perfect place for anyone who likes food, wine, and/or a good time. Located right next to the City Green *open container* park, The Select provides the unique option to take your drink down to the scene!

Chic New-American-meets-Southern restaurant with craft cocktails & locally sourced, seasonal food.

Atlanta has a few truly great gastro pubs where as much attention is paid to the food as the beer, and There is one of the best.

With a diverse and made-from-scratch menu serving breakfast until closing, Thumbs Up Diner is a neighborhood gem.

Tin Lizzy’s has taken traditional TexMex and upgraded the terminology to one that evokes more flair.

Tomo changed the way we looked at sushi. The beauty of the plates brought out are like works of art on your table. Fish melts on your tongue and it’s impossible to not want more.

You don’t have to be any good at golf to have a great time at Top Golf! Yes, you can go and enjoy the high tech driving range even if you’ve never picked up a club before.

Right in the heart of downtown Atlanta lies a restaurant that is more like a tropical paradise! From Mai Tai’s to dishes prepared in woks & Chinese ovens to tiki memorabilia galore, Trader Vic’s has everything in place to put you in vacation mode!

Truck and Tap is a new type of dining experience. A bar with different local food trucks coming each day, you could visit 7 days in a row and experience different ones all throughout the week!

Small plates to noodle dishes to perfectly crafted Thai specialties rule the roost. But, don’t overlook the beverages. The Thai Tea is almost too pretty to drink…almost.

Mexico City street food comes to the westside of Atlanta at Tuza Taco. Step in to the lively atmosphere at Tuza and head to the bar for a delicious, hand crafted margarita.

Skip the regular sports bar and head to a restaurant with a beautiful view – dozens of tv’s with sports, a modern take on made from scratch bar food, and the friendliest servers in town. It’s all at Twin Peaks which is making mouthwatering comfort food in its incredible sports lodge setting. Plus, they’ve got their curbside situation running like the busiest ski lift on the mountain. Head to Twin Peaks today to taste or order some of the delicious dishes below.

Just a block away from the Georgia Aquarium & Philips Arena, you’ve got bourbon & bbq that has the whole city buzzing.

They call Georgia the Empire State of the South, and with all the snowbirds who have migrated from New York City, you could say ATL and NYC are almost sister cities. So it makes perfect sense that the delicious, dry aged steaks from Uncle Jack’s Meat House are only available in two locations

Uncle Jack’s brings their premiere service and incredible dishes to Roswell’s Canton Street, one of Atlanta’s most charming dining destinations. In fact, inspired by the area’s rich history, owner Willie Diegel is harkening back to classic dishes with Oysters Jackefeller, Lobster Thermidor, and Duck confit ravioli – along with what you know and love from their Duluth location, like their famous Bacon Racks. Hang out on the lawn outside and head in for something delicious at Uncle Jack’s on Canton Street.

Food lovers and dog lovers unite at this “fur friendly” hot spot. Whether you want something light, BBQ classics, or even the all-American patty melt, UJoint has got it on the menu.

unWine’d and Tap in Marietta is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. They offer 16 wine choices on tap, all served at the perfect temperature, and with the help of a beverage coordinator. This couple-owned restaurant began their success in the food industry with their wine and beer shop, unCorked, located next door to the restaurant. Now, they are serving up delicious tapas and platters. They offer lots of special events such as wine dinners, liquor pairings, and wine tastings for those who want to enjoy their drink on a more elevated level.

In 1967, Chef Jens Stoltenberg opened the Valhalla Onion House in a small corner spot of Oslo’s largest island, Malmøya. Within months, his restaurant transformed not only the neighborhood, but it seemed to have an impact into the very nature of Norwegian cuisine. Focused on the humble onion, Chef Stoltenberg created an array of dishes [&hellip]

Fantastic Neapolitan pizza made by one of the nicest men in the business.

A concept dedicated to cooking pizza true to Naples, Italy, Vero is focused on using the freshest ingredients to craft the highest quality pies.

In Inman Park there’s a sandwich spot that offers sandwiches and one of the city’s best patios for people-watching.

Make your burger your way at Village Burger. With multiple protein options – beef, turkey, fried/grilled chicken and a house made black bean veggie burger – you’ll get exactly what you want. Plus, they have other great options like buffalo fries and 1/4 pound Hebrew National hot dogs. Don’t forget to grab a Frozen Custard on your way out!

Vino Venue is all about the perfect pair – wine and food. The unique wine selection at Vino Venue is extensive and always changing.

Get your favorite Italian-American cuisine in the cozy neighborhood pub feel you crave. Vintage Pizza brings the old style of making pizzas, pastas, calzones & Stromboli’s to Chamblee. From classics like lasagna and caprese salad to their house specialty, the Blue Pie, they’re bringing the best of Jersey to the Atlanta area

Whether you are too tired to cook or just looking for an exciting atmosphere, fun staff, and a delicious meal, Wade’s Fine Eatery & Feed in Smyrna has those options for you. This emporium has a mouthwatering variety of options on their menu.

Who’s Got Soul is an authentic southern cafe focused on family and – of course – food. What’s so unique about Who’s Got Soul is their dedication to quality.

Fresh Greens. Carefully Cooked Proteins. Freshly Baked Bread. The Perfect Sandwich is alive and well at Wildflour in Alpharetta.

Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q has it all: appetizers and sides that would make grandma giddy platters and sandwiches piled high with smoked-onsite meats to-die-for desserts the best barbecue and steak sauces in the South and catering services that bring the Bar-B-Q to you.

Traditional Southern specialties take an ambitious step forward at Chef Jason Hill’s Inman Park eatery.

You don’t have to be legacy at the country club to say, “Let’s lunch at the resort” these days. At Barnsley Resort’s Woodlands Grill, you can get a world class dining experience from chef Nicolas Lebas in the bucolic, Northwest Georgia setting. Try Dugan’s KO Burger when you visit – a prime 8oz burger with melted cambozola cheese and smoked pepper bacon.

Pile on the shwarma, falafel and toppings and add one of their signature low- sugar sodas for the complete Mediterranean meal at Yalla.

In South Africa, the country is so geographically vast, that you can spend a morning in the snow capped mountains and an afternoon at the beach. At South African restauranteur Justin Anthony’s Yebo, you get both experiences in one restaurant.

For unexpectedly authentic Greek flavors, look no further than Yeero Village in Roswell. The tzatziki sauce is unmatched, the lamb is tender and flavorful, and the saganaki is served flaming hot! On a time crunch? Grab a delicious gyro from their drive-through. This spot is perfect for a bang-for-your-buck meal with your friends and family, or just a quick grab and go!

Zalads, Fingerz, Zappetizers and more. Zaxby’s has a parlance all their own, but rest assured, whatever language you speak it tastes delicious.

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